If your child is young and starting for the first time, I encourage the parents to sit in on a few lessons. You have an important role in helping your child at home by encouraging them to practise and if you know a little of what they've been learning, it will make it easier! 

Location, location, location!

I have a lovely outdoor area where parents are welcome to relax during their child's lesson - see and hear what your child is learning!

There are also some beautiful parks nearby or Forest Lake shopping village where you can get your shopping done while waiting for your child.


As your child learns, having opportunities to perform and show off their new skills is an exciting thing and helps to motivate the student.

Creating opportunities is easy -

  • have them perform for you
  • perform for their friends or a neighbour
  • do a 'show & tell' at school
  • even play over the phone for a distant relative.

All opportunities are great - just make sure they are positive and encouraging (even if it does sound like a squeaking cat at first - this will soon change!)

I also do an 'end of year' concert for all students to have the opportunity to perform for their families, friends and each other! Also a nice way to get to know the other students and feel part of the whole. This year we will potentially add a mid-year concert, too!